Learn How to clean and Polish an Engagement Ring like A Pro

Cleaning an engagement ring can be one of the most arduous chores. While you might think this task is difficult, spare a few minutes and check out our guide on how to clean engagement ring like a pro!

Techniques for Cleaning a Ring

Clean lab diamond engagement rings like a pro with these simple tips. Ring tarnish can be removed with polish, but it’s important to know the right steps. Here are four easy tips for cleaning and polishing an engagement ring: 

1. Remove any build-up of debris with a gentle spritz of denatured alcohol. This will take care of any oils or residues that may have developed on the surface of the ring.

2. Work in a gentle, circular motion using a ring cleaner or a piece of cotton cloth with mild soap and water. Polish the ring until it’s gleaming.

3. If tarnish is particularly stubborn, try using a jeweler’s rouge or paste followed by a silver polish. Be VERY careful when using these techniques – overuse can result in damage to the metal surface of the ring.

4. Let the ring dry completely before storing it away – moisture can cause rings to rust over time.

What to Use to Degrease a Ring

Degreasing a ring is an important step in ring cleaning. There are various ways to degrease a ring, but the most common is to use degreaser soap. Be sure to read the product label to see if it contains methylene chloride, as this is a hazardous substance and should not be used on jewelry.

You can also use alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. Make sure you do not use any of these substances near the surface of the ring, as they can damage the finish. After degreasing, you should clean the ring with a mild dishwashing soap and water. Finally, rinse the ring with clean water and dry it off.

When you are using a high costly lab diamonds rings, it is important to take care of the thing always. Cleaning work at home can save bucks of dollar to go to the jewelers for cleaning service.