Holidays in Campania, Italy

The region of Campania is one of the most popular in all of Italy, visited by millions of tourists every year from both home and abroad. There are two main reasons for the area’s popularity, and they couldn’t be more diverse; the beautiful Amalfi Coast, with its stunning beaches and scenery, and the world-famous Roman town of Pompeii, destroyed by Vesuvius, but preserved under layers of ash. Of course, there is also the capital of the region, Napoli, to enjoy too, with its vibrant cultural life and many museums and art galleries.


The city of Napoli, often called Naples by English speakers, is a sprawling city that started as a small Greek settlement and now spreads all the way around the beautiful Bay of Naples. The older parts of town are worth exploring on foot and are also where the best tourist attractions can be found, such as the Teatro San Carlo, the city’s opera house, which is now a World Heritage Site. You can visit when there are no performances or rehearsals and marvel at the six storeys of over 200 private boxes. There are countless impressive churches to be visited around the streets of Napoli, though the best is probably the Basilica di San Lorenzo Maggiore. Not only is the church itself a beautiful architectural example of Gothic style, but you can also visit excavations underneath the building that have revealed the remains of Greek buildings from the fifth century BC. Art museums like the Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte, located in an 18th century palace, offer visitors not only the chance to see some great examples of Italian art, but also an escape from the hot temperatures


Located just outside Napoli, any visitor to Campania must have the world-famous Roman town of Pompeii high on their list of attractions. The city was covered in layers of ash in 79 AD when the nearby volcano Vesuvius erupted and was only rediscovered in 1599. It has been a popular tourist destination for 250 years and is a fascinating attraction. Many of the buildings were well-preserved under the layers of ash, including artwork on the walls of important buildings such as the temple. Most bizarrely, the bodies of people and animals were also preserved and can still be seen lying in the spot where they died. The ticket for Pompeii also includes a visit to the Roman towns of Herculaneum and Stabiae.

Islands and Sea

The island of Capri is located off the coast of Campania , and can be visited Holiday home in Italy on a day trip from Napoli. The island’s spectacular scenery is best explored either on foot or from a boat. There are many paths and routes around the island, which will take you to some of the highlights, such as the Monte Solara, which at 589 metres offers great views of Napoli and the Bay of Naples. If you prefer to do some relaxing in the sun rather than exploring, Campania is also home to the popular tourist destination of the Amalfi Coast. Boasting beautiful beaches, which are among the cleanest resort beaches in Europe, the area is also home to historic villages and spectacular natural scenery.






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